ESWC Meeting Minutes

No December meeting


ESWC Club Meeting – November 19, 2019 – 6:30pm

Clunie Center

President – Yolanda M (absent)

1st VP – Marianne K

2nd VP – Shannon D (absent)

Recording Secretary – Rose M

Corresponding Secretary – ?

Treasurer – Diane L

Parliamentarian – Cherryl M

Welcome:  Meeting was opened by Marianne, 1st VP

On Going/Old Business

Treasurer’s Report:  Diane Leeds, Treasurer, reported the balance of checking and savings.  She then reminded the Club that all expenses over $50 must be approved by membership unless part of an existing, approved event budget.

Run the Parkway, Sunday Nov 10 – Marianne reported only 4 members volunteered for the event but we had 10 last year.  The club discussed if we should volunteer next year without an increase in volunteers.  The discussion will continue as the event nears in 2020.

Website – we are with a new server now and Sue is planning on doing some upgrades to our site that will hopefully result in better event sign-up capture.

New Business

Run to Feed the Hungry packet pick-up – Sunday, November 24, 2019. Marianne reviewed the sign up sheet and said a couple of spots were still available.

Holiday gathering – Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at Luigi’s Pizza.  An Evite will be sent and members should RSVP so the number of pizzas can be determined.  Book donations will be collected for Wellspring.

Food Bank – Saturday, February 8, 2020.  A sign up sheet was passed around.  This is a friends and family event.

Spring Fundraiser – April 19, 2020.  Rose Moxley, Committee Chair, passed out event flyers and sponsorship forms and envelopes and encouraged members to solicit donations.  She announced that tasks for the event will be outlined in detail in January and that members will be asked to volunteer.  Cherryl shared the Sac Bee article about the Sac State Student Emergency Fund.  Club members brought up the following suggestions:

  • Make sure “rain or shine” is clear on the ticket sale site
  • Auction donors should be on the program? The committee will discuss.

New events – Marianne asked the Club for volunteer ideas for MLK Day since there is no more 50 Bikes/50 Kids.  No concrete ideas were brought up.

Corresponding Secretary Board position is open – any member can volunteer.  Serena Marzion has been asked and is considering accepting.

Calendar Updates:

Mama Mia Sing-a-Long Movie night – Tuesday, January 28th 6:30 @Clubhouse 56 – Marianne has confirmed the date is reserved with the facility owner, Bobby.  Maureen D agreed to oversee the event with Shannon R’s help.  Suggestions for group collection?  Last year it was Mercy Pedalers but International Refugee Org was suggested.  Will finalize decision at the next Board Meeting.  The Club will look for an auction item to raffle off like last years’ River Cats Tickets.

Next General meeting is February 25, 2020.  Rep from Sac State Student Emergency fund will speak.

Meeting adjourned


ESWC Club Meeting – Oct 29, 2019 – 6:30

Clunie Center

Rose M. ran the meeting in Yolanda M. and Shannon D’s absence.  No treasurer’s report as Diane Leeds, Treasurer, was not in attendance.  Rose announced that the scheduled speaker from the Sac State Student Emergency fund- Angelique Kennedy – had been canceled as it became clear many club members could not attend tonight’s meeting.  We may reschedule her for another time.

On Going/Old Business

September Mixer at the Shack – Rose recapped the event for those members that did not attend.  She mentioned that Beth Lessen from Sac State had given a great speech at the event.

KVIE – Laurie S. reported that the event was a lot of fun as usual.  Four members volunteered.

Project Birthday – Sandy F. reported that the event was a huge success.  25 volunteers showed up as it was a friends and family event.  The magician was entertaining and was so moved by the event that he may do it again for free.  Sandy discussed having the event in October in the future vs. springtime.  All agreed that it’s a great way for new members to mix and meet and participate in Club activities along with their families. 

Website – Laurie confirmed it’s up and working.  Rose reminded everyone that activity sign ups are on the website as are meeting minutes.

New Business

Run the Parkway – Sunday, November 10, 2019.  Marianne is the coordinator but was not at the meeting.  Laurie S. confirmed the location is Harrington access near Rio Americano high school and the time is 6:30am to 11:00am.  She described the event which involves providing refreshments to the runners.  Rose encouraged everyone to sign up on the website and Laurie mentioned their may be a waiting list.

Run to Feed the Hungry – Sunday, November 24, 2019. Rose described the event and passed around the sign up sheet.

Holiday gathering – Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at Luigi’s Pizza.  Rose announced the new date and encouraged all to come.

Spring Fundraiser – April 19, 2020.  Rose stated the committee is now working on sponsorships for the event and she would bring flyers and sponsorship forms at the next meeting to discuss how each member can help.  Jen Sleppy has agreed to open up the back parking lot to allow more attendees and give more room to activities and auction items.  Rose will need additional volunteers starting after the holidays to work on the many details of the event.

New events – Rose confirmed there’s no more 50 Bikes for 50 Kids on MLK Day and asked members to come up with ideas for events that could substitute.

Corresponding Secretary Board position is open – any member can volunteer.

Next General meeting is November 19th at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned

No Meeting due to Club Mixer at The Shack


ESWC Club Meeting – August 27, 2019 – 6:30pm

Clunie Center

Yolanda Milliken, President, by asking Diane Leeds, Treasurer, for a treasurer report.  Diane gave the report:  $905 in checking, $472 in savings and this includes $200 donated by the East Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.  Diane reminded members that she will start collecting dues in January.

Shannon Downs, 2nd VP, provided name tags for all members and we all introduced ourselves to the group.  A “Brainstorm Questions” sheet was passed around to encourage members to think of new volunteer opportunities and bring them to the group in future meetings.

Yolanda then led the group in an ice breaker game which was enjoyed by all.

Shannon Downs presented a new volunteer opportunity for Keaton’s Child Cancer Awareness annual Gala on September 28th.  She mentioned volunteer sign ups could be made online but also passed around a sign up sheet and said she’d reach out to those interested.

Member Sandy Ferguson spoke up and complimented both the Taste of East Sac event that she and other members volunteered at (and which was organized by member, Serena Marzion) and the “Shoe Over” which replaced the canceled-because-of-weather Walk A Mile in May.  She also brought up a volunteer event for Albie Aware.  She wasn’t certain of the date but Serena spoke up to say she knew all about the event and it was September 7 and she would collect volunteers.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.

Yolanda then presented the ESWC Tentative Calendar 2019-2020 for review

September 24 – Mixer at the Shack.  Members are encouraged to bring a friend.  Maureen Dana will bring pictures to display.  Rose Moxley said she has invited Beth Lesen of the Sac State Student Emergency fund to help announce that they are the beneficiary of the Club’s spring fundraiser.

October 6 – KVIE Art Auction – Shannon R. is coordinating

October 19 – Project Birthday – Sandy F. is coordinating.  Yolanda suggested this be a “friend and family” event where non-members could participate.  Shannon seconded the motion and the club all voted “yes”.

October 29 (corrected from October 22) – Club Meeting. Yolanda called for a speaker and it was agreed that Beth Lesen from Sac State would be best.  Rose said she would reach out to Beth.

November 10 – Run the Parkway or California International Marathon (CIM)?  Marianne is coordinating.  The group discussed which event was best and it was acknowledged the CIM requires a lot of volunteers that can commit.  Marianne will send out a sign up request for both events and see what interest there is before we decide.

November 19 – General Club meeting

November 23 – Run to Feed the Hungry – Yolanda is coordinating

December 8 – CIM?

December 10 – Holiday Mixer at Luigi’s

January 20 – 50 Bikes for 50 Kids – Abbey Stumpf is coordinating. Yolanda confirmed that the Club had already voted to make this a “friends and family” activity.

January 28 – General Meeting.  It was discussed that the January meeting is not usually well attended and is not a good month for a guest speaker.

February 8 – Food Bank – the event is 9am to 1pm at the Bell St location and Marianne is coordinating

February 25 – Game Night/Movie Night at Clubhouse 56.  We will discuss details later including which movie.  Yolanda suggested Mama Mia.

March ? – yet-to-be-named volunteer event

March 24 – General Meeting.  A speaker was encouraged and Shannon D. said she would invite someone from Keaton’s Child Cancer Awareness.  Marianne then brought up we would need the March meeting to finalize the spring fundraiser so April would be better for a speaker. All agreed.

April 19th or 26th – Spring Fundraiser AKA Sip, Savor, Support – Rose Moxley is committee chair

April 28th – General Meeting with speaker.  Last meeting of the season.

May – Girls on the Run – Tamara is coordinating, Walk a Mile – Diane and Maureen are coordinating.  No club meeting

June 18 – End of Season Celebration.  Later in June to avoid school graduation schedule conflicts

July – Taste of East Sac.  Serena will announce the date when set.

Abbey Stumpf then discussed the ESWC Website – beautifully developed by member Sue Lerdahl – and gave a handout with instructions for adding a volunteer event to the calendar.  Abbey and Sue offered to stay after the meeting to answer any questions about this process.

Rose Moxley – the committee chair – gave a report on the Spring Fundraiser.

  • The next committee meeting is being set and will be in September
  • Additional members for the committee are needed. Sara Paxton volunteered.
  • The event is scheduled for April 19th or 26th and will benefit the Sac State Student Emergency fund

Yolanda stated T-shirts will be ordered for each club member and will be paid for by the club.  She passed around samples and it was agreed that the color would be lavender with our logo. A sheet was passed around for each member to state their size.

It was brought up that we should do a better job counting volunteer hours.  Marianne will keep count and asked for members to report hours to her.

Meeting adjourned.

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